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I believe travellers are curious individuals, open to new experiences and to connecting with people from other cultures. This is my personal travel philosophy, one that has shaped my vision in the travel industry for more than three decades. It has played a pivotal role in establishing our reputation as a premier specialist in crafting personalized travel journeys throughout Southeast Asia.

I am truly passionate about sharing local, authentic experiences that are both meaningful and transformative. Visiting Southeast Asia can be life-changing for both adults and young travellers, especially when genuine connections are made with the local people and the awe-inspiring natural environment. Upholding the value of contributing to the sustainable development of local communities through tourism is crucial, not only for our own people but also for the well-being of the discerning traveler.

At Indotrek, my dedicated team shares my passion and travel philosophy. You can be assured that as we meticulously craft your custom travel itinerary, we are genuinely thrilled to provide you with a distinctive and deeply personal experience that is enduringly meaningful and memorable.

John Tue Nguyen

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At Indotrek, we are a team driven by our love for travel and our deep appreciation for the local cultures and adventurous spirit of Southeast Asia.

With a wide array of adventure travel options, including cycling, trekking, kayaking, and more, we offer unforgettable experiences tailored to your preferences. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every visitor feels comfortable and welcomed. We also prioritize sustainable development and responsible travel practices.

Join us on an extraordinary journey through Southeast Asia, where our passion for exploration and commitment to quality come together to create remarkable memories.

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Sustainable Tourism

The alarming rise in carbon emissions, escalating pollution levels in cities, and the distressing abundance of plastic on our Southeast Asian shores have spurred Indotrek to take action. We are constantly seeking ways to inspire our tourists to protect the environment during their visits, while hotels are beginning to offer plastic-free alternatives.

Whenever feasible, we strongly recommend selecting environmentally-friendly accommodations for your stay. For instance, look for hotels that utilize reusable products like eco-friendly toiletries made from natural materials. Many establishments, including Kingfisher Ecolodge located in the southern-most province of Laos, are setting an example by providing refillable bottles to their tour participants and lodge guests. Additionally, they encourage visitors to bring their own bottles from home for refilling.

As well as eco-friendly hotels, we always suggest taking alternative transport routes to planes and cars where possible. Buses and trains use a significantly smaller amount of fuel compared to planes, so will decrease carbon footprint up to 13 times. Let us join hands in embracing our shared responsibility towards the environment.

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