Camping / Glamping Tours in South East Asia

Unique gateways to connect with nature

Camping and glamping offer unique opportunities to stay close to nature, whether nestled in the jungle, by a serene lake, or amidst picturesque countryside. It is a wonderful experience for friends, couples, and families with kids alike. Camping allows you to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings, with the sounds of wildlife and the scent of fresh air creating an unforgettable ambiance. On the other hand, glamping provides a luxurious twist to camping, offering comfortable accommodations and amenities while still being surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. Whether you prefer the simplicity of traditional camping or the added comforts of glamping, Southeast Asia provides stunning locations for an idyllic and nature-filled getaway.

Camping / Glamping Adventure Tours


Pokhara Valley under Machapucchare Mountain, Nepal


Discover Australian Camp’s Beauty and Embrace Pokhara’s Splendors


2 Day - Siem Reap to Kulen Mountain Trekking Tour


Conquer Kulen Mountain’s offbeat path, uncover hidden temples and relics of the Angkor Kingdom

2 Days

from $249


2-Day Glamping Adventure at Tri An Lake - Saigon


Explore Ma Da Jungle and tranquility of Tri An Reservoir just 2 hours away from Saigon, stay close to the nature.

2 Days

from $199


Kirirom National Park, Cambodia


Explore the wonders of Cambodia’s nature on foot

3 Days

from $525


Cambodia Mountains


An off-beaten-track adventure to conquer the highest peak in Cambodia

3 Days

from $499



An Epic Journey from Siem Reap to Phnom Kulen: Where Culture Meets Adventure!

8 Days

from $1200

Glamping in South East Asia

Camping / Glamping in Southeast Asia

Camping and glamping in Southeast Asia offer diverse experiences for nature enthusiasts.

From the luxurious Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Thailand to the adventurous Cardamom Tented Camp in Cambodia and the comfortable Lak Tented Camp in Central Highland Vietnam, each property provides unique opportunities to immerse yourself in nature and explore local cultures.

Discover the allure of the Kulen Mountains and Angkor temples with simple camping nights under the stars, uncovering hidden waterfalls, ancient ruins, and a rich cultural heritage. In Central Highland Vietnam, the Lak Tented Camp offers a serene glamping retreat surrounded by pristine nature, where you can engage in meditation, visit ethnic villages, and enjoy kayaking on tranquil lakes.

These camping and glamping experiences provide a chance to release stress, restore your health, and delve into authentic local cultures. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of Southeast Asia’s natural wonders and create cherished memories in these enchanting landscapes.

Which country in Southeast Asia offers the best camping experiences?

Southeast Asia presents a wide array of options for camping and glamping, catering to different preferences and camping experiences. Countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam stand out for their diverse landscapes and excellent camping opportunities. Thailand boasts numerous national parks and picturesque coastal areas that are favored camping destinations. Cambodia offers tranquil camping spots within its natural reserves and national parks. Laos provides adventurous camping options amidst its jungles and mountainous regions. Vietnam's Central Highlands and national parks offer breathtaking camping locations. The choice of the best country for camping in Southeast Asia ultimately hinges on individual preferences and the desired type of camping adventure one seeks.

What do I need for comfortable camping?

Our experienced team will ensure that your camping experience is comfortable by providing essential items such as tents, mattresses, camping furniture, cooking equipment, and a first aid kit. Depending on the specific itinerary and duration of your travel, our consultants will recommend suitable personal items to enhance your camping experience. This may include clothing suitable for both daytime activities and nighttime, insect repellent, a sun hat, and personal items like towels and toiletries for certain specialized camping tours. We aim to provide you with the necessary provisions and personalized recommendations to make your camping adventure the best it can be.

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