Cycling Tours in South East Asia

Unveil the hidden gems of Southeast Asia on a cycling adventure

Embarking on cycling adventures opens up a world of exciting options for active travelers and cyclists alike. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, pushing your limits while relishing every moment on the road. Join a guided tour with Indotrek, and the experience is bound to be unforgettable. As you pedal through awe-inspiring landscapes, you’ll immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, connecting intimately with nature. What truly sets cycling adventures apart is the chance to get closer to the locals you encounter along the way, exchanging stories and forging meaningful connections. These journeys also unveil hidden gems of diverse cultures, allowing you to explore fascinating traditions and customs on your two-wheeled explorations.

Cycling Adventure Tours


Connecting Vietnam bike tour, through paddy field


Unleash Your Journey: 17 Days, South to North, One Epic Vietnam Voyage!

17 Days

from $2570


Heritage Line The Jahan Cruise


Explore Cambodia treasures and its local life on a luxury cruise and two wheels.

12 Days

from $4,711

Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam

Bangkok to Saigon cycling


Discover Southeast Asia’s beauty on a 16-day cycling extravaganza!

16 Days

from $3,238


Cambodia Activated


Thrilling Cambodia Explored: Bike, Hike, Cruise & Kayak Through Nature’s Wonders!

10 Days

from $1,399


Bagan, Myanmar


A diverse and immersive experience in Myanmar


Thailand cycling


Embark on a captivating cycling adventure through Thailand’s heart

7 Days

from $1,250

Cycling Tours in South East Asia

Cycling in Southeast Asia

Cycling in Southeast Asia offers a diverse range of experiences, catering to both adventurous cross-border trips and immersive explorations within a single country.

For those seeking a challenge, the high mountains of northern Vietnam, Laos, or Chiang Mai present exhilarating journeys with breathtaking scenery. You can even venture out of Southeast Asia to embark on a singletrack ride through the high Himalayas. Alternatively, moderate trips passing through vibrant cities like Bangkok, Siem Reap, and the enchanting Mekong Delta provide a cultural immersion. Even a day of leisurely riding amidst the tranquil countryside and picturesque villages of Hoi An, Bali can be a delightful experience.

Regardless of your cycling experience level, Southeast Asia offers a variety of options to suit your preferences and ensure a memorable journey.

Is cycling safe in Southeast Asia?

Yes, mostly! All cycling routes that we operate are on tried and tested routes by our expert cycling guides and are very rarely within busy cities. We tend to stick to quieter roads outside of the city, in beautiful countryside and away from any major highways. This will guarantee a much more enjoyable, and ultimately safe cycle ride.

What if I am unable to keep up with the group when cycling?

No problem at all! With every cycling trip there is a support vehicle that will travel with the group at all time. This means that if you ever get tired, you can rest in the vehicle while you get your breath back. There will also be regular breaks for water and snacks, provided in the support vehicle and available to you at all times. Ultimately, how little or far you choose to cycle is entirely up to you and our aim is to make sure you are comfortable.

Is that e-bike available for cycling tours?

We currently offer e-bikes for cycling tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali Indonesia, and other locations. However, please note that the availability of e-bikes and sizes is limited. If you are interested in renting an e-bike for your trip, please feel free to contact us to check for availability.

Can I bring my own bike on a guided cycling tour?

Yes, you can absolutely use your own bike or even just your own saddle. Please let us know upon your inquiry, and our adventure specialist will assist you in arranging support services if needed. They will also provide you with the price that excludes bike rental.

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