• E-bike through the Jatiluwih rice terraces
• Wake to the sunrise over Mt Bromo
• Snorkel the coral reefs of the Gili Islands
• Take a surf lesson in Lombok
• Visit remote tribes in Flores and Papua
• Dive with whale sharks of Raja Ampat

Indonesia is known internationally as the ‘sleeping giant,’ and that it is. The world’s largest archipelago straddles the equator between the Indian and Pacific Ocean with over 17,000 islands. It is like 100 countries blended into one: a breath-taking tapestry of cultures, language, customs, plants, animals, art, sights and foods that are sure to captivate most visitors.

Indonesia’s two main gateways are Jakarta –– the capital and most populated city in Southeast Asia, and Bali –– the famed ‘Island of the Gods,’ known for its spirituality, rice terraces, and surf. Adjacent to Bali lies Lombok and the Gili Islands –– three small islands known for their blinding white beaches and remarkable diving. Further east, you’ll find Komodo and Flores –– Komodo recognised for being the home of the Komodo Dragon, as well as their dormant volcanoes, dramatic lakes, emerald green hills and top-notch dive sites. Just northwest of Jakarta is Sumatra –– the largest island of never-ending action. It has both unique and adventurous activities, ranging from the Orang-utan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang, diving sites in Pulau Weh and world-class surfing in the wild Mentawai islands.

As you travel from one island to the next, you’ll find that there is no shortage of mountains, beaches, paddy fields, deserts or wide-open stretches of road. Indonesia is the preeminent country for adventurous activities from cycling, hiking, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Simply put, there is so much to do.




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