Who are Indotrek?

Based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and regional offices throughout Southeast Asia, Indotrek is an internationally-run company that has specialised in adventure travel for the past 10 years. With the highest standard of guides, safety, equipment and service, we operate our own cycling, trekking, cultural, e-biking, kayaking and multi-adventure trips throughout in the region.

Do you also do private tours?

We do indeed! All of the tours that you find on this website can be amended to suit you. We can change the dates, hotels, length of trip, included tours, and everything in between. The tour may be different to the online group price, but we can continue to work on this for you until you’re happy with the itinerary. You can even request some changes while you are on your trip and we will do our best to accommodate.

What are the payment details?

We take an initial 20% deposit in order to book the trip, then the remaining balance is due 45 days before travel. If you book within the 45 day period, the remaining balance will be due right away. Payment can be made online with a debit/credit card or via bank transfer.

Is cycling safe in Southeast Asia?

Yes, mostly! All cycling routes that we operate are on tried and tested routes by our expert cycling guides and are very rarely within busy cities. We tend to stick to quieter roads outside of the city, in beautiful countryside and away from any major highways. This will guarantee a much more enjoyable, and ultimately safe cycle ride.

What if I am unable to keep up with the group when cycling?

No problem at all! With every cycling trip there is a support vehicle that will travel with the group at all time. This means that if you ever get tired, you can rest in the vehicle while you get your breath back. There will also be regular breaks for water and snacks, provided in the support vehicle and available to you at all times. Ultimately, how little or far you choose to cycle is entirely up to you and our aim is to make sure you are comfortable.

What if I get injured or something happens during my trip?

First of all, the guide will be on hand to take care of you. In addition, we have a 24/7 emergency number in all of the countries where we operate trips for you to to call in case of emergency. The duty manager for each country speaks English and will be able to assist you. They have all been trained to address any issue that you may have. However, it is compulsory that you also have your own personal travel insurance for all Indotrek trips.

What will happen if I need to cancel my trip?

Exact details can be found on the terms and conditions page of this website.

What languages do the guides speak?

We have English, German, Spanish and Russian speaking guides throughout our destinations. Please note, however, that all group trips will be operated with an English speaking guide.

What is included on the trips?

You will find the full details of the inclusions and exclusions in the PDF itineraries on each tour page. However, in general, we include all domestic flights, accommodation, transfers, guides, tours, entrance fees, bike hire, breakfast and vehicles throughout the itinerary. Exclusions are usually international flights, tipping, some meals, and additional expenditures.

Is it possible for children to join the trips?

Yes, they are very welcome! Please let us know the age of your child and our specialists will let you know anything additional to note.

Can I join the trip if I am disabled?

This of course depends on the type of disability, but we will always do our best to accommodate for any disability on our trips. Please enquire first and we would be happy to help.

What criteria are used to assess the difficulty of a trip?

To give you an indication of the difficulty of our trips, we’ve graded our adventures into three categories: easy, moderate and
challenging. We take many factors into consideration in this grading, including distances covered, terrain, altitude, weather
conditions and vehicle support. Travelers may be required to carry a backpack.
Easy: Suitable for most people in good health. These trips generally include short days on good paths and at low altitudes.
Moderate: A reasonable level of fitness is required, as these trips can require sustained endurance levels, hills, longer days and
altitude. All of our moderate trips have a support vehicle following closely, so weary travelers can hitch a ride and take a rest for a

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