Angsana Lang Co


Located on Lang Co beach in central Vietnam, the Angsana Lang Co is leading the way in promoting active travel in the region. Bought either in package or individually, the hotel offers a range of tours from biking along the coast and to Bach Ma National Park, to a range of water sports such as water skiing and sailing. Given its remote location, the area is a perfect place to combine relaxation and adventure making it the perfect way to end your time in Vietnam. In addition, the hotel offers tours of nearby Hue and Hoi An.

  1. Highlights of Angsana Lang Co

    ✯ Excellent location on Vietnam's central coast
    ✯ Wide range of activities on offer
    ✯ Family friendly hotel, making it perfect for summer holiday stays
    ✯ Peaceful location yet close enough to two major tourist sites
    ✯ Fantastic facilities and dining opportunities