Kampong Luong Floating Village

Posted on April 20, 2018

Pursat Town

Over the recent Khmer New Year, we took a bit of  time out of the office to go exploring a little off the beaten path and followed the route south from Battambang to Pursat, a small dusty town on midway down the Tonle Saps west bank. There is not an awful lot to see in Pursat itself, although it has been changing in recent years and is now host to a couple of modern air con coffee shops and even a pizza restaurant for those craving something a little more western in a town that is otherwise limited. There are also a range of guesthouses and the reasonable KM Hotel which is fantastic value for money, with a large pool by the river. People often use this as a stopping off point for Kampong Luong Floating village Cambodia near a town called Krakor about 25km south. Alternatively you can be dropped in Krakor and overnight in one of the budget homestays in the floating village itself.

Kampong Luong

Boatman Kampong Luong, Pursat, Cambodia

Getting to Kampong Luong

Compared to the busy touristy villages near Siem Reap, Kampong Luong floating village cambodia gets only a couple of tourists a day. The dropping in point for the village is about 5km down a dirt road which goes down by the towns market, there is a large sign at the junction of the main road by the Tela gas station. The dock is not pretty, with litter left behind from when the waters have receded after wet season (the village moves with the water level). You’ll arrive at a check point which is where you will sign the guest book and pay. Current fees are $13 per boat up to 6 people, then $20 per boat for 7-10 passengers. for this you will get a driver who may or may not speak much English. your boat will have a canopy,  padded seats and a life vest per person, its probably worth getting a bottle of water for the trip from the vendors nearby. The driver will take you out and around the village which has everything an ordinary town would have, even an ice factory. There are 3 small homestays present at about $6 per person per night. The boat will take you around for about an hour watching the everyday lives of the local people before  returning you back to shore.

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Kampong Luong, Pursat Cambodia

Kampong Luong village life