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Unlock Bhutan's Mystique with Punakha.

Punakha was the capital of Bhutan until the 1960’s, and still retains the serene atmosphere of a place with a regal past. The dzong is the main attraction, but there are also other sites of interest in and around this pleasant little town.

Located outside of the city are two exciting sites: The Guru Rinpoche Caves and Koma Hot Springs. Both are a twelve-kilometre drive from Punakha followed by a two-hour hike.

The river rafting and mountain biking in this area are some of Bhutan’s best, and several other treks begin or end at nearby Gasa Dzong. It’s also typically warmer in Punakha than in Thimphu or Paro.

Explore, Unwind and Immerse in Punakha.

Stepping into Punakha is like stepping into a postcard. The valley is beautifully surrounded by the Eastern Himalayas, painting a breathtaking backdrop for your exploration.

The serenity and peace that you’ll find in every part of Punakha are like nowhere else on earth and provides an idyllic respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Punakha Suspension Bridge, one of the longest in Bhutan, adds an element of thrill to the otherwise tranquil valley. The splendid Punakha Tshechu, a vibrant festival held annually, offers a fascinating glimpse into Bhutanese culture and traditions.

Punakha Adventure Tours

Punakha Adventure Tours

Let Indotrek guide you through the enchanting landscapes and historical gems of Punakha with our adventure tours. From breathtaking hikes to tranquil river rafting, Punakha holds an array of experiences for the discerning traveler.


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Unforgettable journey through Bhutan’s cultural heritage and stunning landscapes

Hotels in Punakha

The hotels in Punakha mirror the warmth and hospitality of the Bhutanese people. With stunning views of the surrounding mountains and rivers, these lodgings offer comfort, serenity, and a taste of local culture.

Please contact the Indotrek team for expert advice on accommodation options or feel free to let us know your preferred accommodation options.

Punakha Adventure Tour Packages

At Indotrek, we curate bespoke Punakha Adventure Tour Packages to give you an immersive experience of this historical city. Our seasoned travel experts have intimate knowledge of Punakha’s unique landscape and rich history.

We are dedicated to responsible tourism, ensuring that each journey contributes positively to the environment and local community.

Exploring off-beat trails, immersing in the local culture, and marveling at Punakha’s natural beauty, each adventure with Indotrek is a chance to grow, learn, and transform.

Whether you’re trekking through the beautiful Jigme Dorji National Park, visiting the impressive Punakha Dzong, or rafting on the rivers, our Punakha Adventure Tour Packages are crafted just for you.

Punakha Adventure Tour FAQs

Is Punakha worth visiting?

Punakha, the ancient capital of Bhutan, is definitely worth visiting. This city, cradled in the heart of the Himalayas, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and historical significance. Punakha Dzong, often referred to as the 'Palace of Great Happiness,' is one of Bhutan's most spectacular dzongs (fortresses). It stands majestically at the confluence of the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers and is a prime example of Bhutanese architecture, adorned with intricate woodwork and rich symbolism.

More than just a visual treat, Punakha is the cultural heart of Bhutan. The city is home to various annual festivals that display the rich tapestry of Bhutanese culture. The Punakha Tshechu, one of Bhutan's most popular festivals, is a vibrant and dynamic showcase of traditional mask dances and cultural performances.

Additionally, Punakha’s landscape is an adventurer's playground. The rivers that flow through the valley offer exciting opportunities for white water rafting, while the numerous trails through rice fields and into the lush mountains are a hiker's dream.

How many days are needed in Punakha?

To truly appreciate the cultural wealth and natural beauty Punakha has to offer, a stay of at least 2 to 3 days is recommended. This allows ample time to visit the iconic Punakha Dzong, enjoy the vibrant festivals, venture into the outdoors for some adventure activities, and immerse oneself in the local culture.

For travelers who want to engage more deeply with local traditions, they might consider planning their visit around the annual Punakha Tshechu festival, which would require a few extra days. Similarly, if long treks across the stunning Bhutanese landscape are on your agenda, extending your stay in Punakha would also be worthwhile.

When is the best time to visit Punakha?

The best time to visit Punakha is during the spring months from March to May when the valley is in full bloom and the weather is mild. Temperatures during this time range between 15°C to 28°C (59°F to 82°F). It is also a great time to witness local festivals such as the Punakha Tshechu.

The autumn months from September to November also offer comfortable temperatures and clear skies, perfect for trekking and sightseeing. However, Punakha's temperate climate makes it a year-round destination, even during the winter months when temperatures can drop to around 4°C (39°F), the landscape takes on a stark beauty, making it a unique time to visit.

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