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Wonderful Indonesia


Indonesia is known internationally as the ‘sleeping giant,’ and that it is. The world’s largest archipelago straddles the equator between the Indian and Pacific Ocean with over 17,000 islands.

It is like 100 countries blended into one: a breath-taking tapestry of cultures, language, customs, plants, animals, art, sights and foods that are sure to captivate most visitors.

Indonesia’s two main gateways are Jakarta –– the capital and most populated city in Southeast Asia, and Bali –– the famed ‘Island of the Gods,’ known for its spirituality, rice terraces, and surf. Adjacent to Bali lies Lombok and the Gili Islands –– three small islands known for their blinding white beaches and remarkable diving.

Infinite Islands, Infinite Adventures

Further east, you’ll find Komodo and Flores –– Komodo recognised for being the home of the Komodo Dragon, as well as their dormant volcanoes, dramatic lakes, emerald green hills and top-notch dive sites. Just northwest of Jakarta is Sumatra –– the largest island of never-ending action.

It has both unique and adventurous activities, ranging from the Orang-utan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang, diving sites in Pulau Weh and world-class surfing in the wild Mentawai islands.

As you travel from one island to the next, you’ll find that there is no shortage of mountains, beaches, paddy fields, deserts or wide-open stretches of road.

Indonesia is a popular country for adventurous activities from cycling, hiking, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Simply put, there is so much to do.

Indonesia Adventure Tours

Indonesia Adventure Tours

Embrace the spirit of adventure in Indonesia with Indotrek’s diverse range of tours. From cycling past vibrant rice terraces and hiking on towering volcanoes to catching the perfect wave while surfing or scuba diving to underwater treasures. Our curated adventures let you experience Indonesia’s remarkable natural beauty and thrilling activities in its fullest glory.


Kloktok Houseboat in Kalimantan


Witness the breathtaking beauty of Tanjung Putting NP and immerse in the vibrant traditions of a Dayak Village


Bali Bird Park


Embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting island of Bali


Orangutan in Borneo


Experience the enchanting beauty of East Kalimantan on Borneo Island


Bali Cycling


Immerse yourself in the stunning rice fields and embracing the village life of Ubud

1 Day

from $125


Adventurous Bali


A journey through the heart of Bali, a land brimming with adventure and untamed beauty

7 Days

from $999


Mahakam river, Samarinda, Kalimantan


A captivating East Kalimantan experience, rich in culture, nature, and wildlife encounters

5 Days

from $1159

Indonesia Destinations

Indonesia, a treasure trove of diverse destinations, beckons travellers with enchanting locales. Bali, a tropical paradise, enchants with its verdant landscapes and vibrant culture. The pulsating city of Jakarta offers urban explorations, while Lombok promises serene beaches. Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, captivates with its arts and traditional crafts, and Yogyakarta, rich in heritage, is home to majestic temples.

Hotels in Indonesia

Indonesia’s hospitality scene is a mirror reflection of its diverse culture. From opulent beachfront resorts in Bali to traditional Javanese guesthouses in Yogyakarta, accommodation in Indonesia caters for everyone. Quaint homestays nestled in Ubud’s lush greenery, urban luxury in Jakarta’s skyline-scraping hotels, or eco-lodges on remote Lombok – wherever you land, you’ll find an authentic Indonesian welcome that embodies the warm spirit of this enchanting archipelago.

Please contact the Indotrek team for expert advice on accommodation options or feel free to let us know your preferred accommodation options.

Indonesia Adventure Tour Packages

Immerse yourself in the spectacular diversity of Indonesia with Indotrek’s Indonesia Adventure Tour Packages. This remarkable archipelago is a treasure chest for anyone wanting to explore Southeast Asia.

From the lush, terraced rice fields of Ubud, the fascinating historical depth of Yogyakarta, to the mystical charm of Komodo Islands, every corner of Indonesia invites you to dive into an array of thrilling activities and experiences.

Indotrek’s experienced tour operators, with their expansive knowledge of Indonesia, will curate the ideal itinerary for your unforgettable trip. Our unwavering commitment to responsible travel ensures that your adventure contributes positively to the local communities we engage with and leaves a minimal footprint on the natural beauty we explore.

Our Indonesia adventure tour packages are designed to guide you off the well-trodden path, deep into the vibrant heart of the country. Whether it’s cycling through the verdant landscapes of Lombok, hiking the volcanic peaks of Java, or diving into the rich underwater world of Bali, you’ll play a central part of Indonesia’s vibrant cultural exchange.

With Indotrek, your journey is more than just sightseeing—it’s a transformative experience, offering endless opportunities to learn, grow, and make a positive impact. Embrace the adventure that awaits in Indonesia and let us guide you through an experience of a lifetime.

Indonesia Adventure Tour FAQs

How many days is enough in Indonesia?

Considering the immense diversity and size of Indonesia, determining the perfect length of stay isn't easy. A two-week stay will allow you to explore a few key destinations and partake in various activities across the islands.

Nonetheless, with 1000s of islands, each boasting unique cultural treasures and breathtaking landscapes, even a two-week visit will only scratch the surface of this vast archipelago. Ultimately, the duration of your stay will depend on your specific interests, travel pace, and the depth of exploration you desire.

When is the best time to visit Indonesia?

The best time to visit Indonesia falls during the dry season, between May and September, when the weather is warm and there's less rainfall. However, as an archipelago with diverse geographical landscapes, the climate varies across regions.

In Bali and Java, the dry season is ideal for outdoor activities like trekking, surfing, and diving, with temperatures averaging around 27-30°C (80-86°F). In Jakarta, the capital city, temperatures can range from 24-32°C (75-90°F) during this period.

In eastern parts like Komodo and Lombok, the dry season, especially between July and August, is best for visiting, with temperatures ranging from 25-29°C (77-84°F).

The wet season from October to April sees high humidity and heavy rainfall but can still offer a rewarding travel experience, especially for those interested in less crowded tourist spots.

Indonesia's proximity to the equator means it enjoys warm tropical temperatures throughout the year.

Is Indonesia cheap or expensive?

The cost of traveling in Indonesia, can vary depending on the choices you make, much like any destination.

Indonesia offers a many affordable yet high-quality accommodation options. Dining can range from local food stalls serving mouth-watering cuisine to exquisite restaurants offering gastronomic delights.

Indonesia's natural and cultural activities, from trekking up majestic volcanoes, exploring ancient temples, to diving in crystal-clear waters, offer experiences that are not only uniquely unforgettable but are also generally accessible to all budgets.

While it's possible to enjoy Indonesia on a tighter budget, the country also caters to those who wish to indulge in more luxurious experiences. Elegant resorts, upscale dining, and exclusive experiences are readily available, particularly in popular areas like Bali and Jakarta.

Ultimately, Indonesia can accommodate a wide variety of travel budgets, while consistently offering remarkable experiences that provide excellent value for money.

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