Adventure Tours in Pokhara

Discover the Heart of the Himalayas in Pokhara.

Pokhara checks all the right boxes, with spectacular scenery, adventure activities, and plenty of accommodation and food choices.

Whether you’ve returned from a three-week trek or endured an interminable bus ride, Lakeside Pokhara is the perfect place to recharge.

There’s much more to Pokhara than its charming atmosphere. It boasts a terrific adventure-sports industry; it is arguably the best paragliding venue on the globe and is surrounded by white-water rivers. It’s also the gateway to the world-famous treks in and around the Annapurna range and beyond.

Embark on Your Greatest Adventure in Pokhara.

Pokhara is nestled in Nepal’s mountainous region and is a place where natural beauty and adventure intertwine. Surrounded by the magnificent Annapurna range, the city is a starting point for many treks, but it also offers a tranquil retreat with its shimmering lakes and serene pagodas.

Sightseeing in Pokhara takes you through vibrant streets lined with artisan shops, inviting cafes, and breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains at every turn.

As you further explore Pokhara, you find yourself enveloped by its mystical charm. The World Peace Pagoda, overlooking Phewa Lake, offers stunning panoramic views of the city, while Devi’s Fall, a remarkable waterfall, narrates a tale of nature’s raw power.

Pokhara Adventure Tours

Pokhara Adventure Tours

Embark on an adventure like no other with Indotrek’s Pokhara adventure tours. Explore the majestic mountains, kayak in tranquil lakes, or paraglide for a bird’s eye view of the city.


Pokhara Valley under Machapucchare Mountain, Nepal


Discover Australian Camp’s Beauty and Embrace Pokhara’s Splendors

Hotels in Pokhara

Pokhara’s hotels reflect the city’s welcoming spirit. Our carefully handpicked accommodation options offer warm hospitality, inviting you to relax after a day of exploration.

Please contact the Indotrek team for expert advice on accommodation options or feel free to let us know your preferred accommodation options.

Pokhara Adventure Tour Packages

Our Pokhara Adventure Tour Packages are carefully crafted experiences that ensure an immersive journey into this Himalayan city. These adventures, curated by Indotrek’s seasoned travel experts, are underpinned by a deep knowledge of the locale and its unique offerings.

We believe in sustainable and responsible tourism, guiding our visitors along paths less trodden, allowing you to intimately experience Pokhara’s untouched beauty.

With Indotrek, your transformative journey is an opportunity for personal growth and learning, all while indulging in the region’s rich cultural and natural diversity.

Imagine trekking along the trails of the breathtaking Annapurna range, embarking on a serene boat ride on the tranquil Phewa Lake, or feeling the adrenaline rush of paragliding over the picturesque valley. Each of these experiences offer a sense of adventure, wonder, and peace that is sure to create lasting memories.

Pokhara Adventure Tour FAQs

Is it worth visiting Pokhara?

Without a doubt, Pokhara is an incredibly worthwhile destination. The city is a treasure trove of natural beauty, coupled with thrilling adventures and rich cultural experiences. Imagine gazing at the ethereal reflections on Phewa Lake, immersing in the serenity of the World Peace Pagoda, or feeling your heart race as you soar through the skies while paragliding.

How many days are enough in Pokhara?

Generally, a minimum of 3 to 4 days is suggested to take in the essence of Pokhara, allowing you ample time to visit key attractions such as Phewa Lake, World Peace Pagoda, Devi's Fall, and the old market area.

If you're an adventure enthusiast and planning to embark on trekking excursions or other outdoor activities, a longer stay would enhance your Pokhara experience, immersing you further into the city's mesmerizing landscape and culture.

What is the best time of year to visit Pokhara?

The ideal time to visit Pokhara is during the autumn months from September to November when the weather is pleasant with temperatures ranging between 10°C to 22°C (50°F to 71.6°F).

During these months, the skies are mostly clear, providing stunning views of the Annapurna range.

The spring season from March to May, with temperatures hovering between 16°C to 23°C (60.8°F to 73.4°F), is also a good time, especially for those interested in trekking and other outdoor activities.

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