Sustainable Travel - Tips & Tricks

February 20 2020

Sustainable Travel - Tips & Tricks

Carbon emissions are rising, pollution levels in the cities are becoming dangerously high, and our south-east Asian shores are more coated in plastic than ever. As a result, Indotrek are continually finding ways to encourage our tourists to protect the environment when visiting our countries, and hotels are starting to offer plastic-free alternatives.


Where possible, we always recommend that you choose an environmentally-friendly hotel for your stay. For example, the hotel should use reusable products such as eco-friendly toiletries, made from natural materials. Kingfisher Ecolodge, which is located in the southern-most province of Laos, known as the “Emerald Triangle”, is a perfect example of an eco-accommodation and is becoming the latest destination for travelers. Each bungalow offers a beautiful view overlooking the wetlands that helps, creating a relaxed atmosphere as you enjoy the vistas of the Bolaven Plateau and beyond.


In addition, this hotel is a part of the “Refill not Landfill” programme, meaning that they have a refill station for tourists to fill up their own bottles. With the aim of reducing plastic waste, everyone who joins in Kingfisher’s tours or books a lodge will get a refillable bottle. Alternatively, and even better, they suggest simply bringing their own bottles from home to refill.

As well as eco-friendly hotels, we always suggest taking alternative transport routes to planes and cars where possible. Buses and trains use a significantly smaller amount of fuel compared to planes, so will decrease carbon footprint up to 13 times.


Here are some tips that can help you travel in a “eco-way” and reduce carbon footprint:

  • Biking, using public transportation if it’s possible. It will not only save money for your trip, but also decrease carbon dioxide in the air. Many cities offer bicycles for rent to help tourists enjoy city view in a green way.
  • Stay away from plastic bottles as much as possible. Why? Every year, there are tons of plastic wastes in environment and they affect animal wild life and also our life. Therefore, try to use reusable bottles to reduce plastic consumption.
  • Be careful with your waste, such as old electronics, polyester clothing or used batteries. Some developing countries don’t dispose of these items and these trash could be remained for long time if not handle correctly.
  • Eat responsibly and preferably food that is sourced locally. South-east Asia offers some of the best vegetarian and vegan food in the world, why not give it a go?

Remember “take only memories, leave only footprints” to keep our home safe!