• Cycling Tours

If you crave the feeling of wind in your hair, the sound of soft whirring tires and the excitement of wondering what's around the next corner then our cycling tours are for you. Traveling by bike gives you unprecedented access to the 'real' country you are visiting. Pedal down narrow bamboo shrouded lanes in Vietnam's Mekong Delta meeting locals along the way or crest a hill in northern Laos to find a golden roofed wat glimmering in the distance. 

Our bikes are Modern Cannondale or trek bikes, our guides are fun, informative and open to your suggestions. Want to take a detour to see a local moonshine distillery, chat with a group of local women weaving traditional blankets or extend your afternoon siesta in a pomelo orchard? No problem - as long as you are willing to pick up the pace to get back to your lodgings before dark! Your efforts will be rewarded with a tasty dinner and top notch accommodation, ensuring that come the morning you are raring to get back on the road.

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