• Trekking

As our name suggests, trekking tours and adventures are a key focus for us and we take pride in offering a variety of fascinating walking and hiking journeys throughout the region. The journey, rather than the destination, is really what counts on these trips, as you find yourself stopping to chat with Dao ethnic minority women tending her indigo plots or greeting a procession of saffron-robed monks collecting alms at dawn. 

We have a whole range of trekking options right the way up to the challenging  snow-capped peaks of northern Myanmar. We are constantly researching new trekking routes along valleys and mountain ridges that have previously been little walked. In Thailand for example, you can trek through lush jungle and cool off in a pristine waterfall. Whether you are keen to explore the jungle shrouded temples of Angkor Wat, the coffee plantations of Laos or the narrow lanes of Hanoi's old quarter, our trekking and walking tours offer a unique insight into this diverse region. 

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