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Our region is home to an abundance of wildlife inhabiting a wide variety of habitats ranging from the deepest tropical rainforest, coastal swamps, riverine environments and rocky mountain tops. It contains Biodiversity hotspots including Myanmar, that are of critical for the preservation of the global wildlife populations. In Southeast Asia there are some wonderful opportunities to view both flora and fauna in all its glory and we can take you the best locations in all destinations. The forests of Southeast Asia are still under threat from illegal hunting and logging however support from Ecotourism is an invaluable tool to prevent further losses, it provides essential income to better protect habitats and support rehabilitation projects for certain species.

Southeast Asia is an important winter home for migratory birds who stop off in one of the many Ramsar protected wetlands, hire a local canoe and head of into the swamps with one of our highly trained guides in search of the rarest birds. We can get you up close and personal with some of the region’s most spectacular animals and you may even discover some you may never have encountered before, from the deepest jungles of Cambodia to the grassy plains of the Mekong delta in Vietnam all the way to the tallest Himalayan peaks in Nepal or Bhutan, we aim to provide some of the best and most authentic wildlife adventures available.


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